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Kimono and Yukata for Sale [27 Aug 2012|02:30am]

Hey guys, I'm not sure if this is okay to post here, but I acquired a Kimono a while back second-hand. However, I have no time or opportunity to use it. Nor do I know much about Kimono to wear it properly. So I am hoping to sell it here. 

I also have a summer Yukata, that I dont have photos of at the moment, but if your interested feel free to send me a PM.

I  would hope to sell it as quickly as possible since I will be moving soon. I prefer to sell within the USA only unless your okay with paying more for shipping.
I am taking best offers at the moment. Thanks :)

This is the Kimono:

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I regretfully inform everyone... [16 Jan 2011|02:24am]

I regretfully inform everyone that one of my favourite photo bloggers, Onihide-san, has passed away on Dec. 21st, 2010. According to a note written by someone on his blog, given the tranquil expression, he probably died painlessly. This man knew how to find beauty in anything- even an image of nurses' stethoscopes!

The last photo on his Flickr account was of a darling maiko named Ayano. He took many photos of maiko, geiko, and many of the Flower and Willow women and buildings. He seemed to be on somewhat close terms with some of them. I thought it was strange that he had not updated his account in a few weeks, although since it has been two weeks of holidays, perhaps he had taken some time off? But Onihide would never miss Seijin no Hi, not with so many bright colours to see! He would have wanted to immortalize them all on film. It is a terrible thing to find out why he is absent.

 There is one more thing: if someone does not have information for his account, when his Pro status expires, all but 200 of his 3,000+ photos will be lost. I cannot possibly hope to save them all myself. I am starting with the oldest and working to the newest, saving the full-size photo with title and date taken. I have no way of knowing when the Pro account expires, so there is some urgency to the matter.

It would be lovely if someone had the ability to host all photos on an easily-navigated website showcasing his work. This, of course, would not cost too much and can be paid for with donations. I am hoping to preserve at least titles and Flickr-reported dates, if nothing else. Is there any advice on the matter? I am taking care of pages 170-175 tonight, but I cannot possibly save information from comments and descriptions for everything on my own. I definitely need help!

So, if anyone has ideas on how to undertake such a massive project, please let me know. I would like to preserve Onihide-sans' work as long as possible.

- Thanks to Turelie for capturing the "Hotels" set!
- Thanks to ScarredDragon for offering hosting space when the time comes!
- Thanks to Rapi for capturing the "Hanamachi Hanatoro" set!
- Also, I've contacted Flickr support to see when the Pro support expires and if I can pay for Onihide's account for a time extension. It is currently being elevated to L3 support.

UPDATE 1/20/11:

OMG! w00t! Thanks for everyone's help on the project so far. I would still absolutely love to see an archive of Onihide's work somewhere when the time comes, and would love to be sent the current saved material at bebetaian a t ! gmail dot com . <3 (I hope writing it like that blocks some spam bots...)
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Photo of the Day - Special: The Colors of Japan [27 Dec 2010|05:27pm]

"Seasons Passing in a Dance of Colors"

Maikos - the apprentice Geikos / Geishas - with their beauty, the red lips, the pure white skin and the black hair are a very well know picture of Japan. Many people associate exactly that with the "country of the rising sun".

With their elegant appearance, they fit in more than perfect with the autumn colored trees and the serene atmosphere of the temples and shrines in Kyoto. Let's follow their short steps; bound by the colorful Kimonos they are wearing and take another walk through the many traditions of Japan. Take a glance at those pictures that are so typical, yet usually not seen like this...

Enjoy this little journey before we return to the modern feel of Tokyo on the very last page. As the winter approaches, the lights in the city seem to shine brighter, glittering like the snow that has yet to come.

[Please enjoy here]

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Geisha Scorned [31 Aug 2010|07:02pm]

Hi Everyone,
Just wanted to share my latest art piece with you.

Geisha Scorned

Hope you like!
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Selling a dozen kimono items! [02 Jul 2010|11:11pm]

I'm selling a dozen kimono items. I have:

- Pink maple juban, lined
- Brown/orange haori with hexagon pattern, lined

- Blue jinken sha hitoe kimono, iromuji
- Black and orange art deco kimono, shiny silk
- Pink iromuji kimono
- Black sha hitoe (no crests) kimono
- Pink and yellow pinstriped jinken ro hitoe kimono
- Red hanhaba obi, hakata-style
- Gold maru obi for child, so it's wide, but short in length
- Orange and black nagoya obi
- White and yellow flat obijime
- Pale blue flat obijime
- Handmade koshi himo, washable
- Beaded haori himo, each one of a kind


- Purple jinken fabric bolt for nagoya obi w/ mountain motif
- Black shibori haori with red leaves
- White obijime with wave pattern NEW and UNUSED ^_^
- Red and orange haneri, which I think is silk
- White synthetic haneri

More coming as I decide what to let go of...

If you'd like more info on them, just comment or message me at ( nigatsu_bebe at! yahoo . com ). I'm still looking for work, and it's a really, really tough market here. Selling some of these pieces would help big-time! ^_~ I'm getting measurements tonight and photos in better lighting tomorrow (7/3).

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Programmes and Postcards [03 May 2010|11:40am]

I love old postcards. I <3 Japanese culture. It only made sense that I'd become a collector of not only wafuku, but geiko and bijin postcards as well. Whenever I have a few dollars, I am always interested in buying more. I keep them mounted on scrapbooking cardstock in acid-free papers and materials behind plastic so that they don't get damaged.

I recently bought three maiko postcards from Guijin Antiques- as soon as I have photos, I'll post them! Ebay wouldn't let me use the photos that were posted to show them, so it'll have to wait til I get them in the mail. Sorry! But I'm also planning on finding the money for more soon. It wouldn't normally be a problem at all, but I recently spent way too much on a houmongi...

Also, I ordered and received two of the geiko odori programmes from JigokuTayuu!  They're awesome! Thanks again~
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Obijime for sale! Only two days left! [25 Feb 2010|09:28pm]

New obijime for sale!

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[20 Feb 2010|02:38am]

I'm selling an authentic susuki grass maezashi that I bought in Tokyo last year. It's old but in really good condition.

Go take a look =)
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Selling Nagajuban and Nagoya Obi [05 Feb 2010|06:46pm]

Kimono, Obi, EtcCollapse )
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Tattoo [26 Jan 2010|11:44pm]

I am getting another tattoo soon. and after careful though and pondering I decided how to do it however...jsut need a few bits f catching up as I have been much around Geisha info/pics/ etc.

The three or two prongs on the back of the neck how long are they normally. I have seen some at all differnt lengths and I would like to know what is customery

Also...Do geisha wear differnt sort then maiko. I am really hoping to get the three pronged one but not if its normally a Maiko thing.

Sorry if this seems ignorant but I am a bit rusty.

Also may I please have pics for reference?
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[09 Jan 2010|05:17pm]

Just got my 2010 postcards in so if anyone wants one (or three), shoot me an LJ message or an email at muz@markmunoz.com. If I already have your address, reply to this post. They're free so you don't have to worry about postage.

..here..Collapse )
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The first Western Geisha? [16 Dec 2009|11:59pm]

[ mood | curious ]

I just ran across thought and found it to be very interesting.


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Geisha Manga? [03 Dec 2009|12:40pm]

I seem to remember a year or more ago, seeing mention of a manga about Geisha (or Maiko, I can't remember)

I was just wondering if anyone knew of any manga about geisha (it's not Madamoiselle Butterfly)

Also, there's a DS game with Geisha in it, again I can't remember what it's called. I'd appreciate any help :)
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tsumami kanzashi for sale [25 Nov 2009|02:28pm]

here, in my journal!
I hope this sort of post is allowed, I thought this might be something you guys might be interested in, and especially with the holidays coming up they make cute little gifts!
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[20 Nov 2009|02:07am]

I'm selling two furisode in good condition (the white and green one is in exceptionally good condition) if anyone's interested =)

Number one
Number two
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Kimono fabric flower fascinator headdress [17 Nov 2009|10:24pm]


Handmade by me...not a complete traditional design, but an adaptation.
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