Claris (sentimentalromantic) (wintersweet) wrote in geisha_girls,
Claris (sentimentalromantic)

Oh, dear: "Officials insist it's just a woman in a kimono, but everyone will think it's a geisha."

(Well, yes, but non-Japanese people tend to think that ALL women in kimono are geisha.)

The line about the "belligerent nerds of 2ch" is classic.

And yeah, it's not a geisha. I don't think the design represents a specific time period or class of woman, what with the the multicolored layers of kimono, those hair ornaments, and that makeup. Actually, I'm a little surprised it was designed by a Japanese person, because that kind of pretty mishmash is typical of non-Japanese artists. (I suppose you can tell it might have been done by a Japanese designer because the kimono is actually lapped properly. Meow!) I can't find the name of who decorated it, though.
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