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Selling a dozen kimono items!

I'm selling a dozen kimono items. I have:

- Pink maple juban, lined
- Brown/orange haori with hexagon pattern, lined

- Blue jinken sha hitoe kimono, iromuji
- Black and orange art deco kimono, shiny silk
- Pink iromuji kimono
- Black sha hitoe (no crests) kimono
- Pink and yellow pinstriped jinken ro hitoe kimono
- Red hanhaba obi, hakata-style
- Gold maru obi for child, so it's wide, but short in length
- Orange and black nagoya obi
- White and yellow flat obijime
- Pale blue flat obijime
- Handmade koshi himo, washable
- Beaded haori himo, each one of a kind


- Purple jinken fabric bolt for nagoya obi w/ mountain motif
- Black shibori haori with red leaves
- White obijime with wave pattern NEW and UNUSED ^_^
- Red and orange haneri, which I think is silk
- White synthetic haneri

More coming as I decide what to let go of...

If you'd like more info on them, just comment or message me at ( nigatsu_bebe at! yahoo . com ). I'm still looking for work, and it's a really, really tough market here. Selling some of these pieces would help big-time! ^_~ I'm getting measurements tonight and photos in better lighting tomorrow (7/3).

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