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I am getting another tattoo soon. and after careful though and pondering I decided how to do it however...jsut need a few bits f catching up as I have been much around Geisha info/pics/ etc.

The three or two prongs on the back of the neck how long are they normally. I have seen some at all differnt lengths and I would like to know what is customery

Also...Do geisha wear differnt sort then maiko. I am really hoping to get the three pronged one but not if its normally a Maiko thing.

Sorry if this seems ignorant but I am a bit rusty.

Also may I please have pics for reference?
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Length depends on the person's neck, I think. It's a balance of image issue. Also, sanboshi (three prongs) is only for most formal arrangements. Otherwise, maiko and geiko will have two. Maiko is usually more round, geiko more pointed. Over-30 geiko do not wear makeup except for natural-looking face or for special odori or clients.