Daeg (perthro) wrote in geisha_girls,

Programmes and Postcards

I love old postcards. I <3 Japanese culture. It only made sense that I'd become a collector of not only wafuku, but geiko and bijin postcards as well. Whenever I have a few dollars, I am always interested in buying more. I keep them mounted on scrapbooking cardstock in acid-free papers and materials behind plastic so that they don't get damaged.

I recently bought three maiko postcards from Guijin Antiques- as soon as I have photos, I'll post them! Ebay wouldn't let me use the photos that were posted to show them, so it'll have to wait til I get them in the mail. Sorry! But I'm also planning on finding the money for more soon. It wouldn't normally be a problem at all, but I recently spent way too much on a houmongi...

Also, I ordered and received two of the geiko odori programmes from JigokuTayuu!  They're awesome! Thanks again~
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